Cheer Staff

Monica & Kevin Wisel


Monica and Kevin have four years of experience leading and directing the football and cheer programs. They work closely to develop committees to best serve these teams and grow the football and cheer program for HSAA. As homeschool parents to high schoolers, they understand that time is valuable and work diligently to make the most of practice and […]

Alisha Rosenthal

Varsity Cheer Coach | Director of Middle School Cheer

Alisha has coached or directed with cheer programs for the last 7 years, the last 2 of those being a middle school coach with HSAA. She has been involved in cheerleading in other capacities since she was in middle school. Alisha feels that youth sports are a very important part of building character and creating long […]

Monica Wisel

Cheer Commissioner | Varsity Cheer Choreography Coach

Monica was a former dancer in her youth and teen years with experience in ballet, tap and jazz. As a former high school drill team participant she learned the art of combining dance, poms, and rhythm into a brief halftime performance. Monica coaches with a drive for perfection yet in a manner which draws talent […]

Myrnee Blair

Middle School Cheer Head Coach

Myrnee Blair has been involved with cheer on both the football field and competitive side since high school. She has volunteered for youth cheer since 2015. She believes that cheerleading is a spectacular sport and source of joy for the youth that participate, the fans they lead, and the teams they cheer for each week.

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