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HSAA Varsity Football Strength & Conditioning Facility

Jerome's Gym

Jerome’s Gym

Jerome’s Gym

2100 N. Greenville Ave., #100
Richardson, TX 75082
972-664-0354 |

When is it? What do parents do during this time?

Jerome provides this private training, customized for our team, at an incredible discount. For this reason we encourage parents to get their own membership and work out together at the gym as the boys train. This is a great opportunity for parents to know each other! The gym has no lounge or location for parents to hang out. Parents are not allowed to stay in the training area due to size and space. If you are interested in joining Jeromes and working out with other parents, please let me know. I will be there in my gym clothes ready to get fit!!!

Typical memberships cost approx  $30/ month

You are also welcome to drop-off and pick-up your athlete or wait in your car.

What kind of training do the athletes experience at Jerome’s?

Our athletes are taught proper form prior to being allowed to use any weights. Athletes are also expected to perform physical tasks to their individual limits.  Jerome and Coach Mike are constantly holding the boys accountable to perform exercises PROPERLY and to learn their limits both safely pushing themselves to get stronger and faster, but also to not over perform in an unsafe manner.

Why should we start training in January? Fall is months away.

Proper strength training and conditioning starts NOW! Being in top physical condition helps our athletes maintain endurance, as well as preparing their bodies to play safely and take the impact on the field. Muscle strength can actually prevent some injuries from happening.

Who is Jerome?

Jerome is a very well respected professional trainer in the North Texas area. He trains professional athletes, body builders and cross fit competitors, as well as student athletes.

CLICK HERE to view his bio.

What is Jerome’s Gym?

Jerome’s is a gym that has partnered with HSAA Football. This relationship started with a friendship, but grew throughout the years, as the owner, Jerome Givens, got to know the athletes at HSAA. He is willing to work with our kids because he sees character, determination, commitment, and work ethic in our boys.

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