Jerome Givens

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Jerome Givens fell in love with weightlifting at the age of 12. Later on, when he was 18, Jerome was introduced to all kinds of training by a guy that just came back from prison, which increased Jerome’s passion for weights and body training even more. As he became more advance with body building, he began to strive to get the best results not only for his own training, but for his clients as well. When CrossFit came along, Jerome was already doing a modified version of it. Later on he took a competition aspect as a challenge to build a competitive team. Although, Jerome is still in love with body building, he prefers to promote CrossFit training since in CrossFit the winner is the one who works the hardest and gives 100% of the efforts. While working at 24hour fitness, within only a month Jerome became #1 trainer and was doing small group training before it was even offered at the gym, that’s how Jerome always stayed at the top of the curve in strength training. In his training program Jerome makes sure to measure and post results and makes members compete against each other. After all, Jerome was able to open his own gym and raised the client base up to 150 members in only first couple months.

Jerome Givens has the following certifications:

  • C.E.S. Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • P.E.S. Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • C.P.T. Certified Personal Trainer
  • W.L.S. Weight Loss Specialist
  • CrossFit Level 1 Certified
  • Cooper Clinic Biomechanics Certification
  • Degree B.S. Ultrasound Radiology

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